Intelligent Signal Display

Intelligent Signal Display (ISD) is the next evolution in waveform display technology. ISD waveforms provide a more detailed and informative editing interface. A more detailed interface saves time for Sound Editors by reducing the need to zoom in and zoom out repetitively.

Farm Kids Disney Deal

Brisbane television series Farm Kids has just made a multi-million dollar deal with Disney.

Smart State Innovation

Minister Jon Mickel, Minister for State Development, Employment and Industrial Relations, made a press release this week: "Smart State's i.lab incubator still has eye for innovation".

Sound Evolution was mentioned alongside other innovative companies at i.lab, including Snowsports Interactive, Locatrix and BioChip Innovations.

ISD demo released

An interactive demonstration of ISD is now available on the Sound Evolution web site.

ISD is an advanced audio waveform display technology, that provides more informative and detailed waveform images.

The demonstration shows example images of an audio waveform, with and without ISD technology. You can zoom in and out on the waveform to get a feel for what using ISD would be like.

New Web Server

Sound Evolution has moved its web site to a new hosting provider: BlueHost.

BlueHost provide a feature packed service for an affordable price. Changing over was quite quick and easy.

Farm Kids

Amongst other things, I'm working on a cartoon TV series called Farm Kids.

My role is involved in all aspects of sound for the show. This includes music recording, sound effects design and editing, and final mix for the show.Sound Post Production is happening at Yooniq studios, located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Check out the Farm Kids website for more details, and stay tuned!

Teaching at Queensland Conservatorium

First semester 2006 I am teaching a course "Principles of Digital Sound and Synchronisation" to second year and post-graduate students at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University.

For more information about the Music Technology department, click here.

Hi to all my students in the Music Technology department!


Kite Circuit

I'm currently working on a neat little short film called "Kite Circuit".

Directed by: Austin Andrews.
Produced by: Matthew Clayfield.

For more information on the film itself, check out their official site:

Should be finished soon!

Avignon Day

Whilst working at 97.3FM recently, Matt Connolly was involved in the Production of "Avignon Day". This was a fundraising event at Mango Hill (in the North of Brisbane) to raise money for Avignon, a 10 year old girl suffering from Stargardt's Disease, a degenerative eye loss dis-order.

Proceeds raised went to providing Avignon with additional educational equipment to provide a better quality education for her and any other visually impaired students in the future, and also to provide Avignon with as many visual memories as possible before she completely loses her sight.

Provisional Patent Filed

On August 23, IP Australia confirmed lodgement for a provisional patent in Australia for "An Improved Waveform Display Method and Apparatus".

The patent was filed with Brisbane patent attorneys Fisher Adams Kelly.

The technology has developed from its initial conception, almost a year ago. Hundreds of hours of research and experimentation yielded a working prototype of the technology, which formed the basis for the Provisional Patent.

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